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Discover the secret of perfect selfie!

Discover the secret of perfect selfie!

Today they all shoot and the pictures end up on social networks – to save the friends’ prayers to get rid of them, with these tricks the photos will look great

With cell phones on the cell phone we can no longer dress, trim and decorating the hairstyle for those moments when they are photographed – photography can be done by anyone with whom we are in society and can equally place it in social media.

To avoid being red when some photos, which we would prefer not to be shot in, are set in front of everyone, here are a couple of tricks to get better in the photos (and well for better selfies):

1. Nagnite se

Photographers always advise you to bend everything that can be bowed when posing. So instead of turning straight to the camera, make a small slope to the body – so you look slimmer. The same applies to hands, head …- instead of holding them straight, bending them lightly or tilted.

2. Shave hair

If you do not have time to check or repair a hairstyle, pass it lightly through your hair or shake it.

3. Brush blush

The makeupers know that the blush has a magical effect on the face and gives it a healthier look. For those who do not make sense – if you want to use only one product, let it blush.

4. Dig your beard

With a slightly tilted head, another trick that photographers always say. With your lowered chin you have more chances to fall as if you have a chin while your chin is lifted.

5. Attention

If it is not your day, turn your attention from your face or hair, look around and find an object that could draw attention to yourself. Bring your hair behind your head, some interesting item with your face and everyone will look at it, not you!

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