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Here’s how you get a lot more beautiful, thinner in your photos …

Here’s how you get a lot more beautiful, thinner in your photos …

It’s not unusual how you stand, hold your head, which days you choose to take a photo or the height of the camera … With a few tricks you will look much more attractive

They do not turn out the famous face beautifully in photographs just because they are so beautiful. Except they sometimes take photos, they know and take a pose. Depending on how you are facing the lens, you will look thinner, thicker, long or short legs, beautiful or average, beautiful or less attractive facial lines …

Also, it’s not a matter of where you are taking photos and at what time of the day. For example, your face will look most beautiful when the sun is low, that is, before the afternoon or the evening. The sunlight will then brighten your face so that it will look velvety and there will be no sharp shadows as when shooting when the sun is high.

Can you avoid a lot of sunshine, turn on the flash on the camera, so you will not have sharp shadows on the face that distort it. Do the same thing if you are in the shade of trees, and part of the sun’s air still comes to the face. Keeping the body and the facial position also play a big role.

Some additional tips:

If you want to look thinner, turn your body a bit to the side, not entirely towards the lens.
Keep straight, pull out a little chest and pull your belly.
With a matte you have a bigger belly and you do not want to see it, take such a pose to hide it behind something or someone. For example, if you are more in the picture, stop just behind yourself, turn to him, and get closer so that your stomach is behind him.
Slightly lift your chin, otherwise you may look like you have a chin.
Before taking a photo, take a little more effort (but do not overdo it). Pay special attention to the eyes and mouth, because if you emphasize them a little with makeup, the face will look more pronounced on the photo.
If you want to cover up some part of the body, or make it unrealistic, make sure the clothes on that part are not bright or shiny.
Experts recommend that the lens be in the plane of the eye, but if you want your body to look more elongated and your legs longer, then it’s better if one is taking a picture in a lower position.
Beware of hair color. If you have brighter hair, you will look better if the background is darker, and vice versa.

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