dispatchinwestupton.com | The unmistakable fact is that the camera as well as the camera always add a few pounds
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The unmistakable fact is that the camera as well as the camera always add a few pounds

The unmistakable fact is that the camera as well as the camera always add a few pounds

As with everything else, there are certain tricks. One of the most basic is to set your body at a 45 ° angle with respect to the camera, and from the waist up the body point to the camera. Just watch the famous Hollywood actresses when they pose on a red carpet. Everything is in that position. Fortunately this is not the only way to cheat the camera.

The camera should be above you – The camera does not have to be much above you, just enough above your head. For example, you can try your trick with the camera yourself to put it on a shelf that is a bit higher than you. Because of the angle, you will have to look up, which will lengthen your neck, and you will look much slimmer.

Beware of Head Position – The head position is very important and can play a big part of how you will go in the picture. For example, do not tilt your head back and even though you are skinny, your face will look much bigger. Instead, position your head forward, even if you have a sting, it will be minimized and create the illusion of skinnyness.

Still a Little Posing – We’ve already said that proper positioning of the body is very important when it comes to thickness. Never stand the body straight to the camera, as it will always turn out to be thicker. When you take a picture, stand upright, out of the way, stand sideways, and put one leg in front of the other, so that your toes and legs are pointing toward the camera while the weight of the foot is shifted to the other leg.

Take your belly, but carefully – We believe that there is not a single person who has at least once belated his belly when shooting. Of course, that is a very good thing, if you do not overstate it and if it is not seen in the photo. Then it can turn stupid and ridiculous.
So, just belittle your belly, otherwise your first basket will be unnaturally thrown outward, and it is likely that you and your face will wear to hold your breath. On that occasion, it is very important to have a straight posture and behind the folded shoulders.

Thin hands – For slimmer hands on a photo you can choose two options. Or you can hold them a little away from the body so that the upper part of your hand does not flatten and looks thicker or you can put your whole body at a 45 degree angle and your hands hang on your hips.

Wear dark clothes – Dark garments of the right model will not only make you more skilful in reality, but will also be the case in the photo. The darker the better the result.

Good hairstyles – A hairstyle can make you thicker or thinner. Of course, it is very difficult to generalize to whom any hairstyle corresponds, but one of the basic rules is that a tall pony tail is most often embossed, while the damp hair that softens the lines of your head, neck and shoulder (if longer) gives a feeling of skinnyness.

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