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What do you need to know about a wedding photo?

What do you need to know about a wedding photo?

I had always practiced photography, but ten years ago I was more interested in it, so I was more and more photographed and published, while I did not quite come up with the offer to pay for my hobbies.

About nine years ago, I went to my first wedding in a life where I came with a phoenix and recorded moments as a guest. Shortly thereafter, I went to another wedding where I did the same again, without any idea that I wanted to be a wedding photographer. After other friends saw photos, I got an offer to make another wedding photo, and another and third offer …

So he did somehow, and then I realized that I really enjoyed the wedding photography. Everything is natural, sincere, simple, full of love and positive energy, embraces, emotions, smiling people, dancing, sometimes even tears. When I realized that my favorite day was when I was taking pictures and seeing the pleasure of the bride, I decided to devote myself to the wedding ceremony. The harm that I create for them all my life encourages me to put myself in their position and do my job so that I really would love to have someone overshadowing my big day.

How many photographers do wedding photography actually have freedom?

My way of working is such that I do not go into the plans of the bride, but spontaneously follow the whole event, their most important day. In that respect, I have no freedom. This is their most important day, and it is my turn to adapt their plan and document the moments in such a way as to be as invisible as possible. The youths believe me, so I have the full freedom to move and catch the staff that I think they are the best. As for the session, I always like to propose what and how I think it is the best, but I like to hear their wishes, so find it halfway.

What are your biggest fears about wedding photography?

Stress and fears are always present, although I have to admit less and less because every time everything goes well. I do not know if it is a fear or excitement, but I never know what light is going to be that day, and since I work with natural light, it is as essential as space I do not know what to expect if it is unknown to me. This is also a challenge. The church is, if I have to choose, somehow always the greatest fear because it’s the most important one, you never know how it will be, and there are no repetitions.

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